Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some common queries. Use the contact form to ask anything not covered below.

Can I subscribe to Ammo Magazine?

Not at the moment. We're not terribly organised and there's no real schedule for our releases. Sometimes we'll feel like working on a new special edition. Other times we'll dive into the next issue of Ammo Magazine. There's no set amount or type of magazine we publish each year. For this reason it's just not practical to offer subscriptions.

Is Ammo an Illustration Agency?

Nope. We just provide a way for artists to showcase their work online and in printed form. Many of the artists featured in Ammo publications already have representation or represent themselves. Find out the best way to contact them via their artist profile in the Artist Directory

*We can accept no responsibility for any contracts and/or agreements made between users of this website/service and the artists showcased within.

I've submitted my website/work and not had a reply...

In the early days we replied to each and every submission with a friendly email response. Now Ammo's grown a bit we receive a huge amount of submissions each day. Unfortunately it's simply not possible to reply to everyone individually.

However we promise to look at each and every portfolio/uploaded zip. Many quality artists have just missed spots in the mag so it's no reflection on your skills if you don't hear from us but more a limitation on the amount of pages we have available!

Who built the Ammo website? Can I get them to make a website for me?

Possibly, you can contact the designer (and coincidently... AMMO founder!) via his website DH.

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