Ammo is an independent publisher of illustration books and magazines

Ammo Magazine

What's it all about?

Since 2009 Ammo has sporadically released short-run art filled books and magazines. Our regular title – Ammo Magazine has become a collectors item among illustrators and designers both for it’s colourful content and for it’s unusual size.

We also produce special edition books, curate illustration projects and products. See our Shop for examples. We’ve built up a strong online presence and also organise live illustration events around the UK. Check out our events page for some examples.

We’re based in the UK and have featured an international roster of illustrators in our publications. Discover all the artists we’ve featured so far in our Artist Directory.

Over the years we collaborated with many like-minded organisations and individuals. If you’d like to collaborate with us get in touch here or via our social networks.

Founder & Creative Director

Dave Hughes


Christine Hughes