My Tablet & Me

Our friends Inkygoodness team up with retailer Argos to present ‘My Tablet & Me’ - a series of editorial features designed to showcase the creative capabilities of tablets.

Inkygoodness have teamed up with 3 creative types (graphic designer Alex Fowkes, comic artist Kristyna Baczynski and illustrator Andrew Groves) and retailer Argos to test out the creative potential of 3 leading tablets. You’ll find more info about the project below.



Planning projects, organising meetings, sharing documents with clients, sketching and creating artwork, today’s creatives are expected to juggle multiple projects and tasks in any given day – regardless of their location.

So how can we manage our time efficiently whilst remaining productive on the move?

In conversation with graphic designer Alex Fowkes, comic artist Kristyna Baczynski and illustrator Andrew Groves we will explore the creative capabilities of three best selling tablets: Samsung Galaxy 3, Apple iPad and Google Nexus, and discover the multitude of uses they can offer to improve productivity and work flow.

Join us as we take you on a journey across the U.K exploring the work of three illustrators, each with their own distinctive style and unique approach to image-making.

Essential reading for professional designers and novices alike!

My Tablet & Me launched on November 27th, 2014 and runs until January 26th, 2015. A mini-documentary to accompany the project will be released online in early 2015.

The Artists


Alex Fowkes – see his #MyTabletandMe experience here

A freelance graphic designer from London, Alex Fowkes graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2010 with a first class honors degree in Graphic Design. Having worked for a number of high profile clients including Sony Music, Empire and the O2, Alex was one of our first speakers at Glug Birmingham. | @Alex_Fowkes


Kristyna Baczynski

Kristyna Baczynski is an illustrator, comic book artist and designer who grew up in The Pennines of Yorkshire and now lives in Leeds. Since being named Thought Bubble’s first Artist in Residence last year, Baczynski’s work has appeared in anthologies such as Nelson, Solipsistic Pop, Paper Science, Thought Bubble Anthology 2011 & 2012 and music monthly The Stool Pigeon as well as producing a number of self published mini-comics. | @kbaczynski


Andrew Groves

Natural phenomenon, wilderness exploration and adventures are common themes in the work of U.K illustrator Andrew Groves, who lives and works in a barn in West Sussex. Andrew also runs Miscellaneous Adventures: a craft project showcasing and selling handmade wooden objects and outdoor accessories, and teaching fellow creatives how to make their own things from wood on regular outdoor workshops. | @crystalofwisdom

You can follow the campaign on twitter: @inkygoodness #MyTabletandMe

Find the artist interviews on the Inkygoodness website