Felt Mistress – The Glorious Flock

A new exhibition from Louise Evans a.k.a. Felt Mistress

A new exhibition from Felt Mistress is opening at the Sage in Gateshead on the 23rd of August. The exhibition is free to visit and open until the 23rd of September.

The exhibition will feature a mixture of old and new characters(approx 35 in total). One of the new characters can be seen below.

Felt Mistress creature

Felt Mistress (a.k.a. Louise Evans) works with her partner and illustrator Jonathan Edwards to create each character. Jonathan illustrates the characters and Louise brings those illustrations to life as felt creatures.

As part of the exhibition there will be a ‘making of’ section featuring Jonathan’s original sketches and a range of fabric samples.

Another section of the exhibition will focus on Louise’s work for the film American Interior in collaboration with musician Gruff Rhys and Pete Fowler.

It’s sure to be a really great exhibition, be sure to check it out if you are near Gateshead.