Rachel Corcoran


Ireland, Dublin


Available for commissions




The Poop Deck Project

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer from Dublin Ireland. My work is influenced by vintage imagery, fashion and music. I particularly love portraiture, fashion illustration and hand lettering. I work in both traditional and digital mediums.

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As well as working for various clients on a freelance basis, I also run my own Etsy store ‘Rachillustrates’. I’m a self taught artist, beginning with a love of traditional media such as watercolours/acrylics and pen/pencil and lastly exploring the wonderful world of digital media, such as Illustrator and Photoshop. I originally studied archaeology & the history of art, achieving an MA degree. But my love of art won over again and I enrolled in a graphic design course, and I’ve been enjoying being creative everyday since. My work has been exhibited both in Ireland and the UK at The Little Green, Mill Street Studios, The Little Museum of Dublin, the RDS and Coningsby Gallery, London.


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