Laura Wood


Australia, Melbourne


Available for commissions


Good Illustration Agency


The Poop Deck Project

Laura Wood is an Italian illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Australia and proudly represented by Good Illustration Agency.

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Laura likes to combine both digital and traditional dry media to create childlike pictures with a sunny style and a folksy feeling. She is fascinated by illustrations able to tell a story; an element which she often uses within her pictures.

Through her highly rendered images, she always tries to convey a message, a story or a feeling. She puts a lot of thought, energy and passion in her craft in order to create a fantasy world that is both welcoming and mysterious.

In 2010 she decided to change her life and dedicate it to what she liked the most.

In 2012 she graduated from a Diploma of Illustration in Melbourne and since then she has been pursuing her dream as a freelance illustrator working with publishers and magazines around the globe.

Laura has a passion for catlike animals, flat shoes and good food.


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