Katherine Tromans


UK, Birmingham


Available for commissions




The Lumberjack's Guide to Wood Cutting

Katherine Tromans is a colourful Illustrator and designer who lives and works in Birmingham, UK. She is an Illustration graduate of the Arts University at Bournemouth.

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She has been published in books, fashion magazines and worked for a variety of clients over the last few years. She is currently working on band artwork, and a showcase of her work is to be featured in the upcoming publication, Juxtapoz Psychedelic.

Katherine is inspired by fairytales, sc-fi and the natural world. She loves taking photographs of the places that she visits, and snippets of these places feature in the new imagery she creates. Her style has been described as organic and fluid with intricate pencil drawing. She uses a specific colour palette, and focuses on using vibrant pastel-hues of paint to create an otherworldly quality to her illustrations and will sometimes apply digital elements for finishing touches.


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