UK, Leeds


Available for commissions


Draw24 / AdamB design


The Lumberjack's Guide to Wood Cutting

Jaypee's style is wobbly, and street art inspired with a tone of illustrative charm laid over the top to make your brain go wow. Jay is heavy on the colour blends, easy on the straight lines and loves taking on ambitious projects to make ideas a reality.

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Jaypee fuses line and tone in digital formats, geared mostly for print output. Along side making work for print such as vinyl record sleeves, album artwork and apparel, jay also makes work for flash games, large scale murals and is looking to expand into other disciplines like scultpure and designer toy production. Inspired by ARYZ, James jean & many more for inventive use of colour and form. Jay Studied graphic design at Leeds College of Art & Design and graduated in 2011. Based in Leeds, working with pen and ink based linear style for character sketches before digitising  work in Photoshop and Illustrator.


We Illustration!