Ebeneeza K.


Germany, Hamburg


Available for commissions




The Poop Deck Project

Ebeneeza K. (alias Stefanie Klück) is the only daughter of two rough-and-ready seafarer parents and was born and raised in Hamburg/Germany were she is now working as a graphic designer and illustrator.

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Because of a inherited lung disease, she was very weakly as a child and therefore often confined to bed. During this time she discovered her passion for drawing. Later she left school as soon as possible to attend the Art School Alsterdamm to focus again on drawing. Despite resistance (“You and your evil girls!”) Ebeneeza K. always kept her happy-drabby style and enthusiasm for the darkest of all colours: black.


2010 “The good, the bad and the dead” by Das wilde Dutzend Publishers/Berlin
2011 “Dark Dreams” by Lucid Dreams/Berlin
2012 “The secret Grimm Files” by Das wilde Dutzend Publishers/Berlin
2013 “The night visitor” by Jaja-Verlag/Berlin
2013 “The Poop Deck Project” Playing Cards published by Ammo-Magazine


2009 + 2010 Group Exhibitions with GUiGUi at Hinterconti/Hamburg
2010 + 2011 Solo Exhibitions at Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg/Berlin
2011 Group Exhibition with GUiGUi at Linda/Hamburg
2012 Group Exhibition at Staatsgalerie Prenzlauer Berg/Berlin
2012 Group Exhibition with GUiGUi at Hasenmanufaktur/Hamburg
2013 Soloexhibition at PROJEKTOR/Hamburg
2013 Group Exhibition with the other Artists for the Poop Deck Project at Coningsby Gallery/London


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