Beatrice Costamagna


Italy, Torino


Available for commissions


Pickled Ink


The Poop Deck Project

Beatrice is a young freelance children's books illustrator from Torino (Italy). She loves drawing all sorts of things (especially funny monkeys), collecting illustration books and Toys.

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When she needs a break from work, she likes to drink American coffee while making her fat black cat go mad.

Beatrice specialises in children’s book and educational illustrations, and has experience in editorial and conceptual illustration. Also she has experience with ebooks and app projects for children. Her clients include AZ Books, Pearson, Macmillan, Editions Auzou, MEC Global, Mibblio and Time Out. Actually she’s represented by Pickled Ink a London-based illustration agency.

When not illustrating she loves listening to music of all kinds (though her neighbours don’t like it not so much!), nightclubbing, watching movies (especially those made by Pixar, Hayao Miyazaki and Dreamworks), reading books and weird magazines. She has an unexplained attraction to the geek world, even though the relationship with her computer and technology isnt’t always too happy.


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