Andres Agosin – Monk


Argentina, Buenos Aires


Available for commissions




The Lumberjack's Guide to Wood Cutting

My Ilustrations are Sinister–Pop, showing glad, sordid, happy and sad worlds at the same time.

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He is a Graphic Designer, graduated at the UBA University , Buenos Aires. He was a profesor for five years in that same University, in the subject of Design 2, crresponding to Gabriele Proferssorship.

Andres starts to paint and ilústrate with more emphasis from 2004 on ,after founding Magazine GOOO (Ilustration). Then he starts to ilústrate more often and to participate more in the world of arts, meeting other artists and referents, and finding what he liked facing a white sheet of paper.

His work has been published by several publishing houses in different countries such as Chile, Brazil, Spain, England and MexicoHe has been lecturer in events as the Latin American meeting of Design, and in the Character design (Palermo University, Argentina), the Pechacucha Night in Konex Cultural Center, Urban Arts (Bs. As, Design, Argentina, and exhibitor in other events such asTrimarchi and International Biennials of Arquitechture in Argentina , Chile and Italy.

Nowadays, he is Art Director and founder of two other publications : Magazine 1: 100 (Arquitechture) and Porco Mag (Ilustration)


My work, always starts by the stain. I pick up a piece of Wood, and strat to stain it making figures or a background. Then, the rest appears, even if I have a previous sketch, the stain always helps to move the ilustration to another side, with a different freshness and looseness, and avoiding a rigid or stiff result.


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